Student Activities

Fostering Sustainability Activities

Communication Arts Major at Bangkok University International initiated a five-year project plan to assist Wat Metarang School in fostering sustainability in the school and improving the school facilities.

The students have been assigned to take part in the project as their class assignment. The students are
responsible for setting up the project goals and objectives and coming up with creative and effective
strategies and tactics to achieve those targets. Every student has been assigned to perform a certain
task in a particular department such as event management, PR and Media department, acquiring
sponsorship and conducting research.

Each week the students are expected to come to class and discuss new ideas or give an update of the project to other students. The students have learned new skills from doing those tasks and gained more confidence in working with others. Furthermore, not only did the project contribute to the school development, but our students, staff and teachers at Wat Metarang School also benefited from joining the project and practiced their communication and team working skills.

Last but not least, everybody has a chance to cooperate and give back to the society. So far the project was proven to be a big success as all of the initial objectives were satisfactorily fulfilled.